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Hi Pop! Media Digital Marketing Solutions

Great digital marketing strategy is only as good as the technology used to support it and conversely, great marketing technology is made better by expert strategy. In our increasingly DIY world, it’s become more difficult to find either one.

At the intersection of Great Digital Marketing Strategy and Great Digital Marketing Technology, lies Hi Pop! Media. An experienced team of marketers with deep ad tech industry knowledge, we build strategy based on more than 25 years of experience and execute campaigns with world-class technology.


Digital Media Services

Comprehensive solutions for every brand

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Whether they are searching for you by name or category, consumers need what you have to offer. Hi Pop! Media certified SEM specialists give you the best chance at making this connection.

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Display Advertising

From full programmatic capabilities, to private marketplaces and direct publisher buys, Hi Pop! Media leverages world-class buying power to give your brand the baseline digital presence it needs to thrive.

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Social Media Advertising

Engaging with your consumers directly in the online communities that define them, allows advertisers to create conversations and relationships, instead of just pushing messages.

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Mobile Advertising

Consumers are spending an ever-growing amount of time on smartphones and tablets.  The mobile channel offers unique targeting capabilities and the ability to reach your audiences anywhere.

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Digital Video Advertising

Combining the elements of site, sound and motion, digital video advertising helps diversify your messaging and elicit an emotional response from your target audiences.

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Native Advertising

This form of digital “guerrilla marketing” takes your message outside the confines of traditional “in-the-box” ad space and places it directly inside the content your audiences are consuming.

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Strategic Services

The work that supports your campaigns

Much more than a simple vendor of digital media, the Hi Pop! Media team has the know-how and technology to support all of your current digital marketing needs and help your strategy evolve. By utilizing our full-suite of services and capabilities, our clients enjoy marketing success and brand growth with velocity!

Market Research

Hi Pop! Media’s Account Team will evaluate your online brand identity and competitive landscape, analyze your current media strategy, and identify opportunities to meet immediate needs and generate long-term growth.

Creative Development and Design

Our Creative Team will design, develop and optimize ad creative, landing pages and websites that create an engaging user experience, generate brand awareness, and drive your target audience to action.

Media Planning and Buying

With more than 25 years of experience building media plans for brands of all types and backed by cutting-edge technology, we develop comprehensive, multi-channel media plans that consistently exceed our clients’ goals.

Data and Audience Management

Our data management strategy creates multiple audiences and multiple points of consumer engagement with your brand that in-turn, create more actionable data and fuel brand growth. Your data is your most valuable asset.

Reporting and Analytics

Using both our own analytics tools and yours, we create custom cross-channel reports with clear insights into campaign performance and consumer behavior. Rich campaign analysis presents clear opportunities to improve.

Campaign Optimization

Hi Pop! Media’s proprietary optimization strategy focuses on multiple points of consumer engagement vs. simple click and conversion metrics. By optimizing the process between the click and conversion, we generate REAL results.

Expertly Integrated Programmatic Media Technologies

Your campaign strategy is only as powerful as the technology that supports it


Demand-side Platform

Hi Pop! Media manages an industry leading Demand-Side Platform (DSP) to execute programmatic media campaigns with precision on behalf of leading brands & advertising agencies.


Data Management Platform

Our Data Management Platform (DMP) helps us house 1st and 3rd party data while generating unique audience segments which we can then target with your digital ads.


Publisher Management Platform

Our cutting-edge Publisher Management Platform (PMP) helps us automate ad placement on top websites like the New York Times, Forbes and CNN within an invitation only marketplace.


Creative Management Platform

We leverage leading Creative Management Platforms (CMP) to dynamically generate multiple ad variations and provide brands an ability to leverage customer data and brand content to personalize ads for maximum relevance.


Bid Management

Our powerful campaign optimization technology helps us bid more on valuable audiences who are likely to engage with your brand while decreasing investment towards audiences of lower value resulting in less media waste and improved ROI.



Your dedicated team at Hi Pop! Media can evaluate traffic and conversion metrics through analytics software to uncover trends that will give your brand the competitive intelligence and strategic insight it needs to thrive online.