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Tad Richardson

Co-founder & Principal

Tad is an innovative and dedicated marketer with a deep passion for building great brands. As a 17-year veteran of the digital marketing industry, Tad has led the development and execution of digital marketing initiatives for tens of thousands of advertisers – from the world’s most recognizable brands to local startups.

Baptized in Brand and raised in Programmatic, Tad’s brand-centric approach to programmatic media is the product of many influential career stops, including the Walt Disney Internet Group, during the first internet boom and Audience Science during the birth of exchange-based media buying and “Big Data.”

With an additional 6 years of management experience, Tad brings world-class leadership and development experience to the Hi Pop! Media executive team.

Interesting Fact: Tad is a proud alum of Washington State University where he has appeared both as the WSU mascot “Butch T. Cougar,” and on billboards, busses and print media as part of the statewide “Wave the Flag” marketing initiative.

In his Free Time: Tad enjoys outdoor adventures with his kids, Peter and Anna.  Among his favorite places to explore are the San Juan Islands and Lake Coeur d’Alene, ID.

Favorite thing about his job: “Advertising is a beautiful blend of art and science and you are ALWAYS learning something new!”


(206) 353-8658