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What’s In a Name?

By Tad Richardson 3.9.16

What seems like more years ago than it has actually been, I imagined myself having a son one day and naming him after my Grandpa Pete.  Our Mom’s father, “Gramps” was a hard-working, loving man, who my brother and I simply adored.  There was no place we’d rather spend time, than at our Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Everett, WA.

One of our favorite places to play when we visited, was the small detached garage in back of the house.  Barely big enough to fit a car, I remember the smell of that garage – with its exposed wood-framed walls and rafters, dirt floor, and the long work bench full of old tools – just like it was yesterday.

We spent a lot of time in that garage.  As much as it was Grandpa’s workshop, it was our playground.  I was probably 8 or 9 when we cut the bottom out of a cardboard box and nailed it above the garage door.  Over the next several years, we spent countless hours heaving dime store bouncy-balls up at our makeshift basketball hoop like “Downtown” Freddie Brown.

We used to climb up on the roof and dare each other to jump off.  No more than 6 ½ feet off the ground, it felt to me back then, as if I were teetering on the edge of the Space Needle.  I used to scoot to the edge of the eaves and steel my nerves for what seemed like hours, before finally throwing myself off and tumbling into the soft grass below.  As we got a little older and more adventurous, we climbed up on the backside of the garage – out of site from the house – and smoked Gramps’ pipe.

Aside from all the fun we had in, around, and on (cough, cough) that garage, the one thing that always fascinated us about it, was an old piece of faded graffiti.  We don’t know who did it or when – but every time we pulled the cord on the old light fixture, we were greeted with a dimly-lit “Hi Pop!” neatly spray-painted on one of the walls.

Why this little phrase was so captivating to us back then and why it stuck with me all these years I really can’t say, but just like naming my son Peter Andrew, I always knew that I’d find a way to give life and meaning to “Hi Pop!”

As we approach our one-year anniversary, the question seems to be asked more and more often: Where did you come up with the name Hi Pop! Media?

While the answer may be rooted on the walls of that old garage, we also see our name as both a great description of the type of work we do – creating digital advertising campaigns that “pop” – as well as a reverent nod to the guys who helped get us here: our Dads.

So here we are!  We’re incredibly excited to be on this journey and won’t stop until we leave our mark on the digital marketing industry – just like that old, faded graffiti endures today.


Hi Pop! Media

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